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Large Format Scanning in Raleigh

Raleigh Scanning and Imaging provides high-quality document scanning services for all types of wide and large format documents. If you have items larger than 12” x 18” that you want digitized, we can help.

Why get digital copies of your larger files? Digitized drawings are easy to share and they avoid wear and tear from use and handling like a physical drawing would.

If you have a team working on a project and all members need regular access to the same document, making digital copies of the central file will save a lot of time.

What Can We Scan?

Large Document Scanning Services in Raleigh, NC
  • Blueprints
  • Engineering Drawings
  • Topographic Maps
  • Posters
  • Fine Art
  • Newspapers and Periodicals
  • CAD Files
  • Aerial Photographs
  • Designs of Manufactured Products
  • Circuit Drawings
  • Architectural Drawings

Quality First

Our main priority is to solve your document management needs by providing simple document scanning solutions for your larger documents. Our partners use state-of-the-art wide format scanners that take high-quality images of over-sized documents. 

You can get your digital files in color, gray-scale, or black and white, and you can have them delivered as PDFs, JPEGs, Tiffs, or any other file format you specify.

We work with your team to determine your exact needs and specifications, and deliver custom, quality digital images.

Safety and Security

We value your privacy and use the utmost care to ensure your information remains secure. Your items are only handled by our team of professionals who take careful measures to protect both the content and physical status of your items.

We also offer electronic document management solutions to help keep your newly digitized files organized and secure. And once your files have been digitized, we provide offsite storage services for the physical versions of your files.

Scan Your Oversized Documents with Raleigh Scanning and Imaging

Stop wasting time searching through flat drawers, tubes, and hangings. Sharing large documents can be easy, and when you go digital you never have to worry about wearing out, damaging, or misplacing the only copy of an important document.

Raleigh Scanning and Imaging’s partners provide high-quality large document imaging services for all industries. Whatever your exact needs are, we will work with you to deliver precisely what you need.

Call us today at (919) 301-0173 or fill out the form on the left for a free quote on the scanning services you require. We look forward to helping you go digital.

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